Kitchen dirty and clean gas stove close

M.A.C- Clean have been offering a professional oven cleaning service in Bishop Stortford for a number of years now. With prices starting from £45 for a single oven clean we offer a competitively priced personal service to meet your individual requirements.

We gain a lot of work through word of mouth and reputation alone so regularly cover Bishop Stotrford and neighboring villages. 

If you live in the area and need your oven professionally cleaned, why not give us a call today and see what we can do for you? 07564 830 280 


On arrival the oven is checked over for any damage or wear and tear, this is discussed with the customer prior to work.

 The cleaning process begins by removing all removable parts such as the oven racks, back plate, fan, hobs and pot stands. Removable parts are put into the dip tank where they soak in a special eco-friendly non-caustic enzyme-based solution.

 Whilst the removable parts are soaking work begins on the rest of the oven, the glass is cleaned using a specially designed blade, eco-friendly oven paste and plenty of elbow grease. Once the outer surface of the oven door and glass is clean the door is taken apart (if possible) and the inner surfaces and panels are cleaned before the oven door is reassembled.

 Whilst the oven door is removed the inside of the oven is cleaned in a similar manner.
once the oven door and inside is cleaned to a professional standard the removable items are now ready to be cleaned and rinsed off. 

The oven is then put back together and given a final wipe down and buff before its ready for inspection.